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Best stand at printing shows in the world

Benny Landa developed a revolutionary new Offset Printer and asked Goodall Design to create and design their exhibition stand for the launch at DRUPA 2012. It was a great success and was covered worldwide by all the print magazines and journals.

We were also very honoured to be asked to be part of the team to develop the logo and image of Landa.

2019 World Exhibition Stand Platinum Award
Landa Logo - Design by Goodall Architects

The Landa exhibit in 2016 won Goodall Design the ‘Platinum Award’ for the ‘best stand at printing shows in the world’.

During this period our Abu Dhabi agent, asked us to be part of a team to update his property at Eaton Square and then his apartment in Paris, formerly owned by Maria Callas. Goodall design working with talented architect Martin Pikett and inspired artist Ludovic Lepage completed the London house first then a year later the Paris apartment. Great fun and a wonderful team to work with.