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Drupa 2016

The theatre was so successful that the five shows a day, each containing an audience of 350 was insufficient for the demand

Details of the Drupa 2016 backstage room

Landa won platinum for Drupa 2016

Following the successful launch of Drupa 2012 of Landa Nanographic Printing presses, it was felt necessary for Landa to show the market it had moved from concept to production for Drupa 2016. Its site was almost three times larger than 2012.

The theatre was so successful that the five shows a day, each containing an audience of 350 was insufficient for the demand, so the presentations were shown on the many large exterior monitors, audiences completely filling the exterior space during these periods.

The theatre presentation was produced by Maria Kong, together with Rami Reshef, both of whom I have worked with for many years, both extremely talented and professional.

The stand was awarded the Platinum Award for ‘Best Stand at a Print Event, by the ‘World Exhibition Stand Awards’, for 2019.

2019 World Exhibition Stand Platinum Award

Customer Feedback

I’ve worked with Ken for more than 25 years and I can testify with all of my heart that he is a true artist and a genius. His unlimited creativity and out-of-the-box thinking helped me launch two very successful companies – Indigo and Landa Digital Printing, with award-winning booth designs. In fact, Ken has done every one of my trade show booths, and there have been many. Each and every time he delivered an unforgettable experience and created a profound emotional connection between the visitor and my company and its products. Ken’s trade show creations leave visitors breathless.

Ken’s unique capabilities go beyond the mere design, enhancing the company brand while paying attention to the endless details required for supporting such very complex projects as were ours over the years. Indeed, no challenge is too big for Ken and for every problem he will find an elegant solution.

Watch the Drupa 2016 booth tour with Benny Landa

I am very fortunate to have had Ken as my partner in this endeavour all these years and I fully expect that every trade show I ever do will be a Goodall Design creation, each more exciting than the last!

Benny Landa
Chairman & Founder
Landa Digital Printing




Drupa 2016