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Relaxing living room design
Custom furniture and architecture design by Goodall design
Custom table and furniture design
Welcoming living room and kitchen by Goodall Design
Cosi home design by Goodall Design
Modern kitchen design and architecture.
Home office space design and architecture
Furniture design and architecture by Goodall Design
Restroom custom furniture and architecture by Goodall Design
Toilet interior architecture by Goodall Design
Details of modern stairs by Goodall Design
A relaxing living room by Goodall Design


Having completed the main structure of the building and garden, Richard and Sonya invited us to assist them in the layout and design of their interiors. This was great fun, together partly designing furniture and fittings and partly finding suitable items of furniture.

In the lounge/dining area, we had already decided to allow the ceiling to rise in the extension, this not only added interest to the room but enabled us to incorporate concealed soft lighting.

We assisted Sonya in the layout of the kitchen and the choice of a better range of off-the-shelf units.

An oak dining table was designed and manufactured, the underframe design in sympathy with existing dining chairs.

The staircase was modernised, by removing the old handrail and spindles and replacing it with an oak handrail and glass infill panel. The treads were clad in oak.

The lounge was a combination of designed and purchased furniture, credenza purpose-designed, and sofas purchased.

All bathrooms, study and bedrooms were purposed designed and manufactured.

The overall effect was of softness and comfort.

Customer Feedback

From start to finish of the project Ken has listened carefully to our requirements and has created a beautiful home which has far exceeded our expectations.

Ken’s design has opened the ground floor and created a feeling of much more space. The rest of the house has been modernised very tastefully. His guidance on the choice of materials and furniture ‘some of which he designed’, has been invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Ken is a unique design talent, and he has been an absolute pleasure to know and work with throughout the works.

Richard & Sonya Nicholls
Fox Cottages
Ottershaw, Chertsey, Surrey