Goodall Design - Award Winner Architects & Designers

We are a multi-disciplined practice, that have received awards and recognition worldwide for the quality of our work, over the past fifty years.

Half a century of design

As we approach fifty years of design, we felt it would be nice to review and document a few of the six thousand projects carried out by our practice over these years. It has always been the view of the practice that working in varied mediums keeps the creativity alive and vibrant in each medium keeping minds open when moving from medium to medium.

Over the years we have worked on exhibitions, interiors, museums, housing, showrooms, and banks. As the traditional wasn’t enough, we have also worked on trains, planes, buses and finally graphics in various mediums. All exciting, all challenging projects.

We have retained our excitement and enthusiasm over the years on all projects, either large or small and made many friends with both clients and contractors, working with many extremely talented people.

Award Winner Architects

Over 5 decades of work