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Seymour Gardens

A wonderful house for social gatherings and parties with friends

Stunning contemporaneous home by Goodall Design
Aerial view of Seymour Gardens by Goodall Design
Contemporaneous home architecture - Goodall Design
Details of Seymour Gardens - Goodall Design
Patio design and architecture - Goodall Design

Seymour Gardens, a home around a courtyard

The site is in the centre of Twickenham, the front faces Seymour Gardens, along one long side is a communal grassed lawn, the other two sides face and the surrounding properties.

We, therefore, approached the design around a central courtyard. The external design was very sculptural with varying height mono-pitched roofs interplaying around a courtyard with a central feature of a millstone fountain.

The choice of brick is a dark brown handmade brick with recessed black pointing.

During summer months with the internal doors open, and an internal courtyard, a wonderful house for social gatherings and parties with friends.


Twickenham, Middlesex