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Residential Excellence

The start of this decade saw the world locked down with the C19 pandemic which had a catastrophic effect on the world’s population on a personal, social, business, and economic level.

The building industry like all industries suffered badly including shortages of materials and laws preventing close contact resulting in a halt to all internal, showroom, and office building work.

While adhering to these laws the exhibition industry came to a complete standstill.

We were a little more fortunate than some in that we were able to continue with certain exterior building projects keeping us mentally alive and active.

Whilst the world is still in recovery and looking to the future with hope, things are looking extremely promising, and the building industry is once again busy. Exhibitions are now active, and we are being approached by our clients to work with them on projects nationally and internationally and we thank them for their loyalty and continued relationships.

Water fountain in garden design and architecture