Drupa 2012 award winner expo

Landa Drupa 2012

This was the award-winning magic which Ken Goodall brought to printing industry trade shows

Landa at Drupa 2012 - award winner exhibition by Goodall Design
Drupa 2012 exhibition
Landa Nano - Award winner exhibition by Goodall Design
Goodall Design - Drupa 2012
Details of the stage at Drupa 2012
Goodall Design exhibition winner
Landa at Drupa 2012
Details of the Landa presentation at Drupa 2012
Award winner exhibition by Goodall Design
VIP area at Drupa 2012 - Goodall Design
Landa at Drupa 2012 - Goodall Design
Award winner exhibition by Goodall Design
Performers at the Drupa 2012 Landa presentation

Landa Launch Drupa 2012, talk of the show and Industry

We had the honour to be invited to join the Landa team to launch the Landa Nanographic Printers. As usual there were many months of development with numerous updates and modifications to both the presses and the exhibit.

Benny requested we provide the usual theatre, on this occasion seating 300 people, the theatre was a semi-circular structure, with tiered seating. The whole structure was supported from a central lattice to ensure the structure was completely clear of up- rights and obstructions.

During the development of the exhibit, we were asked to work with the Landa team in developing their corporate image, a most exciting and enjoyable project.

Customer Feedback

I have worked with Ken Goodall since the introduction of Indigo’s first product, the E-Print 1000, the world’s first digital color printing press, at IPEX in 1993. This was a watershed event not only due to the digital printing revolution which Indigo spawned, but also due to the first-time exposure of this industry to the breathtaking booth designs of Ken Goodall. In the pre-Goodall era, the printing industry, one of the world’s most conservative, presented itself at trade shows in the same way its products were designed: grey and utilitarian. With the introduction of Indigo’s radically-new technology came a new look and feel to the products – and to the trade shows, thanks to Ken Goodall.

This was the award-winning magic which Ken Goodall brought to printing industry trade shows, which will never be the same again. I employed Ken Goodall to design all of my major trade show stands, which grew progressively over the twenty years since IPEX to stands of thousands of square meters – each one of them characterized by dramatic presence, stunning graphics, brilliant lighting and, in a word, awesome impact. Time and time again, Ken simply outdoes himself to create an architectural and emotional experience that turns visitors into evangelists… and customers!

His most recent creation was a show-stealing 1400 sqm space at Drupa 2012, complete with a 300-seat theatre, that launched Landa Corporation and our new family of Nanographic Printing™ presses.

Drupa 2012, the world’s largest print industry exhibition, will be remembered as the “Landa Drupa” in large measure due to Goodall’s sleek, modern design that “spoke” the design of our printing presses and let our visitors see and feel the future of printing.

But Ken Goodall’s impact was not just on our booth. He also worked on our branding and developed our company’s logo. In addition, he designed some of the most fantastic signage and exhibition banners that carried the “Landa experience” throughout the entire exhibition. The event was an outstanding success for our company and shook the industry to its foundations. Ken’s contribution to our success was immeasurable.

Benny Landa
CEO & Chairman
Landa Nanographic Printers