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Our proposals were approved and the outcome was very dynamic

Goodall Design - Interior showroom design
Interior showroom design
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Showroom design
Inphone showroom - by Goodall Design

Inphone Showroom, Bridgewater Square

British Telecom launched a new company, ‘Inphone’, to accommodate a growing telecom domestic market, the position of Publicity and Marketing Manager required a vibrant energic and creative person to push into this market; Colin Wise was seconded from the British Telecom team to fill this position.

Colin approached us to assist him in this project, firstly by launching ‘Inphone’ into the many household trade shows, and then by creating a showroom at their head office at Bridgewater Square in the City.

Our proposals were approved and the outcome was very dynamic, both Colin and his masters were delighted.

During the latter part of the installation, I was working in Hanover, Colin particularly wanted me present for the last few days of the work; I drove through the night to fulfil his requirements. As a gift for my efforts, I was given one of the signed original photographs taken by Terence Donovan for the many exciting promotional presentations.

Signed photo by Terence Donovan

Bridgewater Square, London