Showroom architecture

Gallaher Newcastle

The cast from ‘Coronation Street’ opened the showroom

Gallaher interior showroom design
Details of the Gallaher Newcastle showroom
Exterior showroom design by Goodall Design
Details of the Gallaher Gift Centre exterior design

Gift Showroom

Perhaps the most unusual of all three showrooms, the building was developed by Taylor Woodrow and consisted of two interlocking buildings.

The choice of construction by the architects, Fitzroy Robinson caused delays to the front section of the showroom, while they carried out various remedial works to the structure. Fortunately, we were able to pick up on this section later and still complete the showroom on time; a timescale of three weeks from the first showroom to the completion of all three.

Once again, the showroom was extremely well received and operated well from day one.

The cast from ‘Coronation Street’ opened the showroom.

Following the opening, I was presented with a silver cigarette box by the directors of Gallaher for our efforts in designing the showrooms and completing it within a truly short period of time.

Silver cigarette box award by directors of Gallaher
Silver cigarette box award by directors of Gallaher